A downloadable Fantasy Computer for Windows and Linux

CHROMA-60 is a Fantasy Computer created for #FCDEV_JAM. It is programmed in assembly language for an emulated 8-bit CPU and has a scanline based renderer that supports raster effects and allows for very colorful images despite the 1-bit display.

Install instructions

Download and extract the archive, then run CHROMA-60. Also be sure to read the manual.


CHROMA60-win64.zip 813 kB
CHROMA60-win32.zip 731 kB
CHROMA60-linux.tar.gz 474 kB
source.zip 55 kB


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make it also for mac please

When will there be a sound chip here?

Hey, what programming language is this?

I want to program it to spray deadly neurotoxin at my enemies.


Never mind... There's a manual here. Soaked in neurotoxin. Lovely.